Module 1

How To Get Information About Your Target Audience

Resources from Video

Clickbank Marketplace

Facebook Audience Insights

For whatever reason, Facebook seems to be constantly moving its Audience Insights page. It's worth finding, so here's the deal...

The link shown in the video is:
Now, before I can even get these videos completed, Facebook has moved the goalposts again.

The current situation is that you can access the Audience Insights page from this link:
-- but you now have to be logged in to Facebook to access the page. If you click on the link and you're not logged in, you'll get a login prompt.

But I don't know how long that link will last.

Honestly, the best suggestion I can make is to search for Facebook Audience Insights on Google. You'll see how many searches there are -- and how many different answers there are. So make sure you are looking at a recent page in the SERPs.

Know Your Target Audience

In this section we look at collecting data about your target audience.

The idea here is to find various pages which have successfully reached large numbers of our target audience, and then see how the people behind these pages have talked to their market — what sales messages they’ve found to be effective for their prospects.

If we want to write copy for the online marketing niche, we look for the pages that are already successfully talking to online marketers. If we want to write copy for a dog training product, we we look for the pages that are already successfully talking to dog owners. And so on.

Creators of successful products have obviously figured out what their market wants to hear. So have the companies who have published articles which have got to the top of Google search results.

We are tapping into the research that has already been done by the most successful marketers and companies.

So in this section, we look at how to find these pages and what information to extract from them.

We will look at Facebook Audience Insights, how successful products on Clickbank are positioned for their target audience, and several Google searches. We'll compile the data we collect into a list of sales messages which are already in use and working well with our target audience. This information will be used to complete the Ultimate Copywriting Formula, a little later