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Hi I’m Robert Hawkins.

I'm a British ex-pat, living in the Caribbean.

I've had a few different businesses, and I’ve made my living in a lot of different ways. I’ve worked in insurance and I've worked on the docks.

I spent a year on the road as a salesman, in a different town every week. I’ve been a professional musician, a taxi driver, a guitar teacher and a construction worker.


I spent a couple of decades as a musician, before the responsibilities of providing for a family led to starting my own business.

I’ve also spent more than 15 years as a full-time independent trader, trading the markets with my own money.

I’ve had some very successful years as a trader, including a single trade that netted me more than half a million dollars.

But by far my most successful career, in terms of making money has been in marketing, and specifically copywriting.

I had a lot of false starts before managing to develop a successful business. I mentioned some of these trials and tribulations elsewhere on this site.

But it was copywriting that finally got me where I was trying to get to.

I had a business partner, who was a great salesman. He had made his living as a salesman for a good while, and had thoroughly assimilated the tricks of the trade.

Once we had a good product in place, which provided good service and great results for our customers, we built the infrastructure that would allow us to expand.

My partner would manage the sales team who handled our incoming inquiries. It was my responsibility to get the leads, prospects, and inquiries flowing in.

So day-to-day, every day for several years, I wrote all the copy for our advertisements that generated inquiries, and the sales letters and information packs that would be sent out to these enquirers.

I worked constantly on our advertisements — tweaking headlines, refining the body copy, etc. I

It was obvious from the beginning that this is where the money is.

From small beginnings, our advertising spend grew to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We had ads appearing in a variety of locations every day. The ads were changed frequently, and each advert had its own telephone number so that I could track the exact results of every change I made.

Likewise sales letters. Thousands and thousands went out, providing a fantastic opportunity for testing what did and didn’t work, what worked better and what worked best.

I ran a database tracking changes and results.

So, once we had a solid foundation established, with a good product and a good efficient infrastructure to handle customer service, it was copywriting that took us off to the races.

Many people have said copywriting is the greatest money-making skill of all. I have seen that firsthand. How making changes to sales copy can directly and immediately double and triple your results. And your profits.

Good sales copy can bring a flood of money pouring in. Poor copy means the cash register doesn’t ring.

So, I am glad to welcome you to Practical Copywriter. Where you can find some thoroughly tried and tested material on copywriting that could change your life, the way it changed mine.